Gift Ideas for College Guys

Teenage boys are a handful! Their energy is on a different level, and they want to “be the man” without making plans or taking responsibility for their actions most of the time. They are also carefree and just want to have fun. What on earth could be the ideal gift ideas for college guys when all they want is to “be boys”?

If you have a friendship with a college guy, you may have an inkling of what he might appreciate, and it is always a good idea to go for that. But if you have no idea what to get him, then the suggestions below are for you.

Best Gift Ideas for College Guys

Most people, especially females, will put in a lot of thought about what gift to get for their male friends. It should be something functional they will value and appreciate. A good first option would be to get the PlayStation 5, but if you cannot afford that or if he is not into games at all, then you may want to try any of the following ideas.

  1. AirPods

airpods - gift ideas for college guys

Interestingly, most college students, if not all, make use of products like phones, laptops, tablets, smart wrist watches, etc. Even those who use other devices with different operating systems can still enjoy this gift as long as the device is Bluetooth enabled. This item is easily lovable because of the design, which is quite convenient to wear and stylish in appearance.

  1. Portable Ping-Pong

portable ping-pong - gift ideas for college guys

This is one great way to let out all that masculine energy that is pent up more often than not. He will love this especially if he enjoys socializing. Plus, it comes with a lot of health benefits including improving brain functioning and burning calories.

  1. Sneakers

sneakers - gift ideas for college guys

You can never go wrong with this one. They are a simple and cool type of footwear that should not give off any futuristic clown vibe and are suitable for just about any occasion you can think of. They can serve for walking and running and are comfortable to wear and easy to maintain for the most part.

  1. College cookbook

college cookbook - gift ideas for college guys

Guys love to eat, but heaven knows a lot of them know next to nothing about how to cook. Junk food and microwave meals will forever be most college students’ go-to choices, but a college cookbook comes in handy when they have the time and are in the mood to cook. Also, it is always cool to have it around.

  1. Heavy-duty power bank

heavy-duty power bank - gift ideas for college guys

This is a thoughtful one and can come in handy when they have to spend most of their time in the lecture hall without enough outlets to charge their electronic equipment. Generally, electronics make up the bulk of some of the best gifts for college guys.


Guys are naturally strong, which can make them a little bit rough with delicate things. So, you may want to consider getting something durable for them if you want them to have it for a long time. This will make it all the more memorable.