Star Wars Gift Ideas

If you have ever been caught in a situation where you do not know what gift to get for someone, you will understand what a challenge this could be. With a whole world of Star Wars fans out there, you are sure to find some interesting Star Wars gift ideas to save you the stress.

Best Star Wars Gift Ideas

What started as a science fiction movie of its time in the 1970s has fast become a huge franchise, raking in close to 800 million dollars in profit. Just like Andrew Collins said, this movie will outlive a lot of us, and we cannot help but believe that. People simply love it, and they sure love anything that is even remotely related to it.

  1. Darth Vader 3D Mug

darth vader 3d mug - star wars gift ideas

It is not common to see people celebrating movie villains like Darth Vader, but that is not surprising since he is a dominant figure in the storyline. This piece of movie merchandise is not just attractive to all; it is also known to have taken a special place in the heart of every fan of SW.

  1. The Complete Saga

the complete saga - star wars gift ideas

What if the recipient has never seen the movies before? Yes, that is possible. If that is the case, getting the complete saga of these fanatically followed science fiction films may be the jackpot for you. Doing this would, most likely, make a new addition to the club.

  1. Lego Resistance A-Wing Fighter

lego resistance a wing fighter - star wars gift ideas

If you are on a budget and still wish to make a memorable impression, then this is the way to go. It is a simple Lego set that can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages. It comes with 269 pieces, which are all made of safe plastic materials.

  1. Imperial Assault Board Game

imperial assault board game - star wars gift ideas

What about a simple tabletop game that will take one to five players into the imaginary Star Wars galaxy? It comes with two types of figures for both sides—the Rebel Alliance and the Empire. It is a good game for strategizing, tactical combat, and missions.

  1. 3D Star Wars and Star Trek LED Lamp

3d star wars and star trek led lamp - star wars gift ideas

This is hands down one of the best Star Wars gifts you can ever find, and we have a few reasons to back that up. First, it is an LED lamp, which is energy efficient and trendy as well. Second, it gives a new meaning to the term “3D.” It looks so real and like it is floating through the air, which is a great vibe considering the theme. Then, the colors, all seven of them, are just awesome!


There are a variety of gift items made with this theme in mind, but we have carefully selected these five based on their popularity with the movie fanbase. Anyone who receives any of these gifts will love them and appreciate you for considering their fanatic love for this immensely popular science fiction movie saga. Writing this piece has sure brought back some great memories.